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Dacco = Hug

This is the place if you are fans of Dacco, the band formed by Lida and Yuraサマ from Psycho le Cemu. Here, you can gush about how much you love them and their music, post pictures, song lyrics and anything else that relates to Dacco/Lida/Yuraサマ. Since this site is run by rabid, obsessed yaoi fan-girls, you can expect a lot of gushing and praise. Please be nice to the boys. Please, no flames. Be nice to each other. Douzo yo Roshiku.

For more information about Dacco, please visit their Official Website.

And you can also check out their music MySpace, Dacco Music MySpace.

by strausser

Any questions? Please e-mail us. This is what we live for.
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